Steve Hand & Psychotherapy


Are you content with your life, your relationships, the places you go within yourself when no one else is around? Have you made peace with your past? Do you feel stuck when you look towards your future? Is the horizon you see exciting, dreary or incomprehensible?

Well, I don’t believe you’re broken so I don’t ‘fix’ you. But life has its share of difficulties, things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes the choices that helped in the past don’t continue to work as well in the present. And the future we will live may well depend on the choices we make now.

Sometimes its hard to find the way despite our best intentions, and we could use some help. I’ve been there with people sharing their concerns, their relationships, their addictions, their fears, their dreams, their pain, their transcendence... almost thirty years of service and care. Let me share some information about my psychotherapy practice.

The Question~ “Where do you want to go now?”